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Captain Jonathan Hollar/Founder
Jonathan has a diverse aviation background that he began at the age of 16. He started by flying in single-pilot cargo operations then went onto flying with a crew and passengers with the fractional corporate airlines. After working for several companies he saw the same flaws with each of them, so he set out to create a "new age" way of aircraft operations. Jonathan holds the highest FAA certifications which includes an Airline Transport Jet Pilot's License with type ratings in King Air, Piaggio, LearJet, LearJet 60, Citation X, Gulfstream III and Gulfstream 550 aircraft and has logged over 11,000 flight hours as a Captain. He is also an Airline Transport Helicopter Captain and Commercial Sea Plane Pilot.
Jonathan has extensive knowledge and experience in every aspect of private aviation. Additional examples of Jonathan's high standards include: completion of several IronMan competitions (initially completed at the age of 25) and has also qualified for the Olympic Trials. Jonathan holds degrees in Aeronautics and Aviation Business from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and strives to promote aviation; always mentoring fellow pilots in their careers. When he's not traveling the globe, he's helping his beautiful wife raise their three amazing daughters. 




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